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Saturday, January 22, 2011

My FaceBook Give-Away #1

I did my annual Pay-it-Forward on Facebook, where you state that you will make something for the next five people who comment, and then they in turn have to post on their wall that they will make something for their first five commenters, and so on and so forth. Usually it takes me having to re-post a few times to get 5 people who are willing to commit to making 5 things themselves.

So, this year I decided to just do the give-away, and not make anyone commit. I got seven responses in the first hour, then I decided to bring the amount up to ten people. None of them have to pass it on, but, maybe once they receive my gift, they will decide to do something nice for at least one other person. I'll post all ten things I make as I get them finished. I am doing them based on my own experiences with my friends and what they are interested in. My first friend recently lost her beloved black cat that she had for almost 20 years, so he became the subject of an India ink drawing. And yes, he was a big kitty.

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