Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. ~Kahlil Gibran

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Dog and her Trampoline on a Snowy Day

We finally got snow in Kansas City, Missouri. My dog loves snow, and she has been going out only to potty since it happened, though she runs all the way down and back with her nose in the snow. I can't take her for a walk while the streets are so bad, and she has cabin fever, just like me. So we go out back. She thinks I'm only letting her out to do her business, so I manage to get ahead of her. By the time I got to the edge of the woods, she had it figured out though, so came speeding my way to make sure I didn't do anything without her watching me like a hawk.
It doesn't take her long to realize that all I want to do is take some photos, so she ditches me and heads to her trampoline. She looks at me to make sure I see her before she starts her antics. She has a separation problem, and thinks I can't do without her for five minutes. She's not old and grey, she is just wearing her frozen precipitation beauty mask. She's waiting for me to come play.
When she has an audience, she likes to show off her acrobatic skills a little. She wants me to get up with her, so I can help her fly higher up in the air. I do that sometimes, but there's a foot of snow and I only have two feet to balance me when it's slick out, not four like her. Plus, my toenails are trimmed, not allowed to grow a little for traction.
Running and jumping in circles makes me dizzy, so I just watch.
She would do this all day if I had the patience to stand nearby. She likes to follow me wherever I go, however.
She decided that she would take a run around the woods with me too, since I got tired of her shenanigans and wanted to go look at the trees. She didn't stop running for at least 30 minutes. Silly girl.

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