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Sunday, April 24, 2011

So Excited!!! I am on the design team for the CREATIVE PAPERCLAY Company

I was chosen to be on a team of six people to design projects for use with Creative Paperclay!

Twice a month through October, I will be creating a tutorial on my blog, with pictures and written instructions on creating a project that I have designed myself.

Most people know that I work mostly in polymer clay, but I am falling quickly into the grip of paperclay's creative addiction. I find that it's not so bad to pick up a paint brush again, and finish the projects. Not so much different than having to blend polymer clay's colors, and build canework. All just steps in the creative process. I am already thinking ahead to combining the two mediums for a lot of my work.

I will present my tutorials on the second and fourth Thursday of each month. Look for my first one on May 12th.

Please visit the Creative Clay website, and the Creative Paperclay blog in the meantime, to see other projects, and learn something about the art medium if you are not familiar with it.

I will also post the tutorials on this, my own, blog. I have my first two trial tutorials there now. Hastily done to meet the deadline, when I was approached by the design team leader, they aren't the best I can do, but they got me the job, at least.

One more day should see my new art room completed. As soon as I get my tables, shelves and storage cabinets in it, I will be eagerly sitting down to create my first piece for a tutorial.

As this blog will import into my personal wall and my art page on Facebook, as well as over at The Hive, I hope to hear from a lot of you with suggestions. I want to know what you would like to see me do. Anyone who knows me personally, or through blogging, knows that September's and October's posts will be all about Halloween (can't get TOO gory though).

However, if anyone would like to suggest a theme, or the type of project I do, i.e. jewelry, sculpture, wall art, or ?, please feel free to comment at any of the venues where you are seeing this post. Just keep in mind that whatever it is, has to be three dimensional at least in part.


  1. Hey! Cool. can't wait to see the tutorials!

  2. This is just so fantastically awesome!!!!!
    Congratulations to a most AwEsOmE artist!!!

  3. Just hopped over to congratulate you and look forward to this journey with you

  4. Good for you that is awesome!