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Sunday, March 6, 2011

One 'work in progress' of the MANY on my table

I'm going to try to start posting more pics of my work. Just be patient with me, because they will come as a bunch of unfinished pics, followed by the occasional ones of the finished project. I am really bad about not taking pics of my stuff, but that will have to change.

Yes, my table is a mess. That will never change.

For the armature, I used a burned-out lightbulb, wire, clean recycled foil, and paperclay.

He's much happier with ears, a nose, and some contoured flesh to keep his eyeballs from dropping out at any moment. I'll be posting him again once I get his body done.

I have a lot more pics on my FaceBook page. Please check it out. I'm going to have a really big give-away once I reach 500 fans.

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