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Monday, March 14, 2011

The ABCs of Me

Okay, a blogger who asked to not be named challenged me to post the ABCs of me. So, while this will take some time, because actually, I'm very dull and boring, and hide in a closet most days, I will try to think of 26 things that are either about me, or that appeal to me.

A- ART- I have been doing art of some type since I was about three.
B- BLUE JEANS- You will seldom see me wearing anything else. That and a t-shirt.
C- CRAFTS- I do tons of crafts
D- DRAGONS- I collected dragons WAY before it became a fad. I stopped collecting once it became popular.
E- ENVIRONMENT- I've been big on environmental issues since 1971, when my teacher brought the issue to the classroom, and we did a neighborhood clean-up, as well as a peaceful rally. We were even on TV.
F- FLOWERS- I have a passion for gardening
G- GARDENING- I made my first veggie garden when I was 15, all organic, digging it up by myself with a shovel. It was about twenty by twenty. I guess I had a lot of energy. Most of my adult life has focused on gardening. From working in greenhouses, to managing a garden center, to running my own landscape and gardening business.
H- HALLOWEEN- My favorite holiday, of course. Anyone who knows me at all knows that.
I- INDEPENDENCE- I grew up in Independence, Missouri, and I am very INDEPENDENT
J- JEFF- My husband
K- KANSAS CITY- Where I live. No, KC is not in Kansas. It spilled into Kansas, but that's a whole 'nother story.
L- LEO- I'm a Leo.
M- MOM- I have 4 kids, and 3 grandkids
N- NUTS- I am trying desperately to be insane. It seems like the easy way out. Do what you want, like starting food fights, then blame everything on the voices in your head. Run in circles and look for the sparkly floating donuts when someone needs help, until they shake their head and go ask someone else. Wait for someone to bring you food once you get put in a padded cell. See? Easy.
O- OCTOBER- My favorite month
P- POLYMER CLAY- the art medium I seem to use the most
Q- QUESTIONS- My husband says I ask too many questions when we are buying things. I say you can never ask too many questions. It's the sales rep's job to stay awake and answer them, even if it takes three hours. Saved us $13,000 on new siding.
R- RECYCLING- For four people in the house, and only having one small, partially empty bag of trash a week, it shows how much I recycle. I use a lot of things in my arts & crafts.
S- SEEDS- Back to the gardening thing
T- TREES- When I was a little girl, my brothers would all laugh at me for hugging trees. And that was before the term 'tree-hugger' was born.
U- UNIQUE- Yeah, pretty sure about that one. Let me confirm it with the voices in my head. ...The vote is 99% in favor of my opinion. The other 1% says that I'm a cookie cutter human. I just shot him.
VEGETARIAN- for 37 years, and now VEGAN going on two weeks. EASY AS PIE! Oh, crap. Now I want pie. Fortunate for me that most pie is vegan.
W- WEIRD- um.....yes?
X- X-RAY VISION- Bet you didn't know that one, did you?
Y- YAY!- Happy to be almost done with this thing
Z- ZUMBA_ Something I'll never do.

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