Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. ~Kahlil Gibran

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Felt Ornaments

I have been very lame about posting lately, but that doesn't mean that i've been idle. I have recently picked up a hobby again that I haven't done in decades I think. I like to sew by hand a lot more than I do by machine. And I like felt. But I got into an addiction with polymer clay, and laid down a lot of other arts & crafts for way too long. I've decided to re-visit some of them. Perhaps not macrame' owls. Those were way overdone in the seventies, but with the new owl craze, who knows?

Some of these are my own designs, others I got from the internet, and changed them a bit. It is fun embroidering again, but I'm sure that I'll become bored and move on to another craft, or go back to sculpting with polymer clay. But for now, I'm having fun with this one.

I really love the fact that the felt these days is made form repurposed plastic bottles. That takes away a lot of guilt for me. The guilt can only lie on those people who drink all that bottled water in the first place. Shame, shame, shame. But at least this felt wasn't made from new materials, and it can become something that people will enjoy for years to come. Plus, it doesn't get moths, so no need for the environmentally harmful mothballs. Yuck.

This angel pic wasn't very well-taken, but I didn't realize that, so it was the only one I had on my computer to show you. Looks a little fuzzy, and yet, shiny, at the same time. Tsk tsk... I sometimes wonder if I'll learn to take a good photo.

Earth color peace signs. Perhaps I'll even do some earth ornaments to go with them.

I sold all but the yellow and pink 'rotund' angels at my sale last week-end, and I have only made a couple red ones so far to replace what I sold, but I need variety, so I won't get terribly bored, so I will get a few more colors done before this coming week's two day event.

Sold most of my owls, too, last week, so I need to make more of these. I designed another owl pattern that I'm going to make as well. I hope tomorrow has more than 24 hours in it. That would help me a great deal.

Goddesses are going to be in great demand at a show that I'm doing on the first week-end of December, so I need to add some variations, and a lot of other 'earthy, hippie, nature-type' items. I love it.

These are the first five hearts that I have made in this fashion, so I need to do at least a dozen more in the next two days. (help!)
I sold all but one of these last Saturday, so I'm trying to catch back up with where my supply was before that show. I think I'm almost there.

And this one I was surprised to see sell during cold weather, but I sold about five of them. Maybe I'll do some hibiscus flowers, and other tropical stuff. I didn't really think that anyone would want to put 'summer' into their Christmas trees, but - why not? I think I'll do some doves with olive branches, too. And maybe a partridge with a pear. I wish that my hands could work as fast as my imagination.


  1. Hey I'm number 1 !!! Love the owls! Please enter me into the drawing!!!