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Friday, July 22, 2011

Time for my First Give-Away!!!

In celebration of having 250 people who like my art page on Facebook, I have decided to do a give-away of three items. You will get three chances to win each one, so you have nine chances altogether to win one of three things. Not going to do the math to figure out your chances, since it all depends on how many of you participate. So, this first prize is actually two things. A ring and pendant. I will not claim to be a great photographer, so I have three pics to show you. The middle one is a little off-color, since the cloth for the background is not gray, but a greenish color, as in the 1st and last pics. The pendant will come with a cord of the winner's choice, and the ring is adjustable.

Okay, so now to the important part. How do you enter? Here are your three ways to do that:

1. Follow me on this blogger account, and comment at the bottom of this post. You can just say " I'm in" or something. No need to write a long sentence. Unless you want to.

2. Follow me at the Hive, and comment on this same posting on that site. If you aren't at the Hive, you can join easily enough. You can be an artist, crafter, or just someone who likes to see the work of others. They never sell your info, and it's a fun internet community, and it's free, so I hope you join. Follow this link to sign up -

3. You can also comment on the wall post at my Facebook page for another chance.

You can do all three entries, or just one. I'm just trying to give you as many chances as possible. Once all three give-away items have been posted and you all vote, I will enter you into a random number generator, and assign you numbers, then I will take those numbers and put them into it again to determine the winners. That way is more fair, and assures you that you all have an equal chance. I will have to limit each winner to one prize, however. So, once you win a prize, your other entries will be removed to make it fair to others. So, even if you only do one entry, you still have a pretty good chance, especially for the final piece, which will be Halloween themed. I encourage you to enter all three ways, though. I'm trying to increase my followers, after all ;-)

To find me on the Hive site once you sign up, follow this link: