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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tip Nut

If you have never heard of Tip Nut, believe me, it's worth checking out. You can sign up for a daily e-mail that gives you links to all kinds of projects. The subject of the day might be baking, cooking, canning. Or it might be links on free patterns for pot holders, or vintage aprons. Maybe some effective methods to get rid of stains. You never know what the subject will be, but there will be some useful ones, I assure you.
When I first started getting Tip Nut messages in my inbox, I made a folder to keep them in. I soon realized that I needed to make several different folders to keep them sorted. Rarely do I discard one of the messages, because it seems that I find at least one link in every message that I want to come back to. So, I have a file to keep Tip Nut cleaning tips in, one for embroidery patterns, one for knitting patterns, etc..
Anyway, check out Tip Nut, and I think you'll at least bookmark it, if you don't sign up for the daily e-mail. You won't believe all the links they have on a wide variety of subjects.

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